SURE SECURE® Vent Cover Brackets

Sure Secure Vent Cover Brackets

SURE SECURE ® Vent Cover Brackets

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Product Description

Vent covers in a finished ceiling – you know that if you take them down you’ll probably have a lot of trouble getting them back up again.  The patented SURE SECURE ® vent cover brackets are specially designed for those challenging situations where the vent cover cannot be securely refastened because it was originally attached to unsupported drywall.  The SURE SECURE ® bracket allows you to create a sturdy reuseable support.

Created by a duct cleaner who grew tired of having only uncertain ways to re-fasten vent covers to the ceilings in finished basements.

The SURE SECURE ® vent cover bracket will save you both time and irritation on the job.

Sold in boxes of 100


To place an order call 507.465.3829.      Prices, availability and specifications subject to change with out notice.  

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