Ferret Plus Camera : Call for Price

Ferret Plus CVamera

Ferret Plus Camera : Call For Price

Product Description

The Ferret Plus is a very versatile camera.

The Built-in WiFi allows you to control the camera with your Android or Apple device.

Variable focus, Auto focus and Built-in Illumination controlled from your smartphone or tablet.

Capture color still shots or record 720p HD streaming video with available audio.

Built in On-Board Memory

Non Contact Voltage Detector


Show your customers live video.


Ferret Plus WiFi Color Camera

5″ Flexible Gooseneck Extension

5″ Straight Extension

Retreival Hook

Magnetic Pick-up

90 Degree Right Angle Adaptor

Charging Cable

Carrying Case



To place an order call 507.465.3829.      Prices, availability and specifications subject to change with out notice.  

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