Ferret Wristband

Ferret Wristband

Ferret Wristband

Product Price $20.00

Product Description

The Ferret Wristband is a great accessory to allow you to work with your Ferret camera easily in many places.

When secured to your wrist the Ferret wristband allows you to rotate your phone 360 degrees to just the right position for viewing and control.

Whether you are standing on a ladder or chimney, climbing a roof or crawling in a crawl space you don’t have to worry about dropping your phone, it’s right there on your wrist. You can also attach it to your ladder or other items if desired.  If you are on the move while on the job, the Ferret Wristband is for you!


To place an order call 507.465.3829.      Prices, availability and specifications subject to change with out notice.  

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