DCS Chimney Brush Kit


DCS Chimney Brush Kit

Product Price $242.00

Product Description

The DCS Chimney Brush kit provides scouring action for those times when you want a spinning brush.  Utilizing a clutched drill, REVOLUTION® Rods and a BULLET® Brush you can scrub many different types of chimneys, stovepipe, dryer vents and ductwork.
In many installations it is possible to to start in a stove, go into the stovepipe, through elbows and dampers to the top of the chimney without having to dismantle the system. You can clean stainless steel, clay tile, aluminum, galvanized pipe, plastic pipe and more.

The Revolution Rods® have ovalized stainless steel drive ends that push to connect. They can be used while wearing gloves and don’t require tools.

The Bullet® Brush can be configured in many different ways using different types of materials to clean a wide variety of installations. What do you want to clean today?

The kit comes with:
6 – 4′ x 3/8″ REVOLUTION® Rods
1 – BULLET® Brush
1 – Drill Drive Adaptor


To place an order call 507.465.3829.      Prices, availability and specifications subject to change with out notice.  

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