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Hissing Airlines?

Is that a snake nearby or just your airlines? Leaking airlines slow you down, waste energy and may drip condensation in your customer's home. As you look at the images of the coupler and plugs, do you notice anything? Most people think the problem is with the coupler. The sealing area of the coupler is INSIDE the body of the coupler. If that is the case, How can you damage it? Even if you drag it around on pavement the sealing zone won't be touched.There is normally an o-ring which seals between the coupler and the plug. With good quality components this o-ring is usually very durable and should give a long service life. So how can the problem be with the coupler? Well most times it's not.

When you are handling your airlines what part is subject to damage and wear? The plug. The area that seals against the o-ring can get scratched or dented very easily under normal working conditions. Imagine two surfaces closing tightly against each other. No gaps just a good seal. If you scratch or gouge one of the surfaces you have an area where something can get through. Kind of like digging a hole under a fence. You have a void where something may get through.

How to deal with this? Keep an eye on the plugs on your airlines. They can cut or scrape the o-rings if the get scratched or worn. When wrapping up air lines keep the plug end in your hand. When you have it coiled put the plug into the coupler and lock it together. There are o-ring lubricants designed to keep them lubricated and sealing well. Many manufacturers recommend silicone based products. Petroleum based products may harm the o-rings. If you see a plug that is damaged or worn , replace it.

Making sure you get the maximum air from your compressor will save you time and help keep you profitable.

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Can you make 30 feet of dirty duct shine in one pass?



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